Individual Therapy

I provide individual therapy for teens and young adults. I utilize cognitive-behavioral, compassion focused, and mind-body approaches to my clinical work. I work to individualize specific treatment protocols to more fully match goals and help build a meaningful life. I value a strong therapeutic relationship and strive to maintain a safe and nurturing environment for my clients.

Parent Consultation

I consider parent consultation an integral part of my work. I help parents understand their child's presenting challenges, the specific aims of therapy, and how they can support their child's therapeutic success. Parents are given tools for responding sympathetically to their child's emotional and or behavioral challenges.

Concierge Care

Concierge care is a unique service that helps individuals with more challenging or complex symptoms. This type of care occurs outside of the traditional office setting; I join clients at medical appointments, school meetings, or other challenging situations. I help my clients manage their emotional distress while acting as an advocate for their needs. I use this information to create comprehensive and collaborative care amongst providers and family members.

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